As a major symbol for the state of Alabama, USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park shares over 75 years of detailed naval history. 

Sleeping quarters at USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama
[/media-credit] Sleeping quarters, USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile, Ala.

Located in Mobile, Alabama, the park offers self-guided tours of the ship with three different routes. The routes, marked yellow, red and green, allow students to tour at their own pace.

“When students visit Battleship Memorial Park, they learn the history of how the USS ALABAMA came to be in Mobile,” said Rhonda Davis, director of sales and marketing at the park. “They are told the story of how the schoolchildren from across the state of Alabama donated their nickels, dimes and quarters during 1964 to help raise the money needed to move the USS ALABAMA from Washington state down through the Panama Canal and then up to Mobile. It was schoolchildren, just like them, who raised $100,000 during the capital campaign. It is a very empowering story for students to hear.”

On the ship, groups can visit a variety of areas, including sleeping quarters and the galley. A popular area for students is the battle bridge, Davis said. The battle bridge is where the captain would command the ship during battles.

USS ALABAMA in Mobile, Alabama
[/media-credit] USS DRUM, Mobile, Ala.

“The most photographed area for students is the brig, the ship’s jail,” Davis said. “They really get a kick out of that. One thing the students are always amazed at is the computer aboard the ship. They can’t believe there were computers during the 1940s. We always hope students think about what it was like to live and fight aboard the ship during World War II, and we hope they learn something new about American history.”

Students also can explore the history behind USS DRUM, which doubles as a National Historic Landmark and the oldest American submarine on public display.

In addition to tours, students can experience the park’s flight simulator in the aircraft pavilion. 

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