Cincinnati, Ohio, itinerary ideas:

History: Using exhibits, student-focused activities, programming and presentations, The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center reinforces lessons and themes that paved the path to freedom: courage, cooperation and perseverance. Cincinnati played a significant role in the history of the Underground Railroad, as thousands of slaves escaped to freedom by crossing the Ohio River to the city.

American Sign Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio signs
[/media-credit] American Sign Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio

Art: Cincinnati Art Museum docents engage students in active viewing and discussions by focusing on six to eight works of art during a one-hour tour. American Sign Museum preserves, archives and displays a collection of signs. Educational tours can be tailored to a particular lesson plan or point of emphasis, such as design.

Science: The Cincinnati Observatory delivers cutting-edge science education at a fully-functioning, 19th-century observatory. In a daytime visit, students safely see the sun through the oldest telescope in the country. They can view sunspots and solar flares using white light and hydrogen alpha filters. Students view the moon, stars and planets through some massive telescopes on a nighttime visit and experience the “wow” of astronomy.

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