There’s always something new and exciting to experience in and around Colorado Springs.

U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colo.
[/media-credit] U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Chelsy Offutt, director of communications at Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau, shared these highlights.

The U.S. Olympic Training Center, located just a few miles east of downtown Colorado Springs, is home to hundreds of athletes who live and train at the facility on a permanent or temporary basis. United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Ambassadors conduct public tours year-round. New amenities include a rotunda with five large video screens running highlights of past Olympians, information screens and rotating exhibits focusing on current and past athletes who trained at the center. The Team USA store expanded by almost 50 percent.

The area will have a working studio, available to view by the public, where the USOC communications department will run its social media efforts and produce in-studio interviews. Their work will be shown in the rotunda along with live events on an NBC network. The center will also have a theater with a video on the center’s history.

Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience, Colorado Springs, Colo.
[/media-credit] Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience, Colorado Springs, Colo.

There’s more to the Glen Eyrie Conference Center’s awe-inspiring grounds than just a castle and wild bighorn sheep. The glen is uniquely situated at the base of Queen’s Canyon for an unmatched view of dramatic layers of exposed rock. A guided tour takes groups across the Glen Eyrie property on an exploration of the physical evidence of a global flood, as outlined in the Bible.

The Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience provides a dynamic educational opportunity. This state-of-the-art, 16,200-square-foot building houses a world-class collection of interactive displays, full-scale dinosaur fossil casts and dinosaur fossils. Guided tours of exhibit halls and outdoor skinned animatronic dinosaur exhibits as well as a multistory ropes course ensure a fine balance between science, learning and fun.

Great Wolf Lodge is scheduled to open late in December on the north end of Colorado Springs. Thrill seekers will find all the waterslide drops, loops and spin outs they crave at Colorado’s first indoor water park resort.