Ready for a taste of history? Get immersed and relive the experience of the Boston Tea Party aboard an 18th-century vessel at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.

“Adults and children alike have found the museum experience to be a must-see during visits to Boston because of our interactive and immersive approach to teaching history,” said Paul Lurie, group sales manager for the museum. “Many of our adult groups have been drawn to Abigail’s Tea Room, where you can take in a waterfront view while trying some of their many delicacies, including sandwiches, fresh-baked scones and a tea sampling featuring the five teas destroyed on Dec. 16, 1773.” 

Re-enactment parade at Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
[/media-credit] Annual parade re-enactment, Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, Boston, Mass.

Visitors can expect a fully guided tour with historical interpreters leading them through the museum.

In the museum, groups can examine The Robinson Tea Chest, which remains the oldest artifact in the museum from that historical tea party day. Let it Begin Here is a short film that guests can watch at the end of the tour. The film recounts what led up to the American Revolution.

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum has two fully restored tea ships available for tour, the Eleanor and the Beaver. These authentic ships give visitors the chance to explore the crew’s quarters, cargo hold and captain’s cabin. And of course, groups get the chance to throw tea into the same waters where the Boston Tea Party took place years ago.

 “The museum experience will take 75 minutes, but you’ll want to give yourself enough time for Abigail’s Tea Room and our gift shop for historical keepsakes and souvenirs,” Lurie said. 

Patriot calling at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
[/media-credit] Patriot calling at re-enactment, Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, Boston, Mass.

The Boston Tea Party comes alive once a year at the annual reenactment in December. Visitors can experience what it felt like to actually be part of the Boston Tea Party. They also can observe more than 100 re-enactors tell the story and throw 200-plus pounds of tea overboard a ship. 

Special group rates are available for 15 or more people.

There are two designated and marked bus drop-off spots at the museum.

For more information, call 617-531-6241 or visit