“May result in feelings of youthful exuberance”… that is what one could expect to see on a label for Blue Man Group-Boston, if theatrical performances came with labels.

Imagine bottling all the happiness from your most vivid childhood memories. Add technicolored lights, paint, music and an entourage of humorous but mute, quirky, blue characters, and that is Blue Man Group.

Blue Man Group performers, Boston, Massachusetts
[/media-credit] Blue Man Group performers, Boston, Mass.

“Blue Man Group is inexplicable joy,” said Krissy Beal, director of sales for the Boston production of Blue Man Group. “It’s laughter. It’s human connection.”

Joy bonds people together, indiscriminate of age, upbringing, culture or ethnicity, Beal said. It is this universal emotion, stirred up in each 90-minute, interactive performance, that has made Blue Man Group an international sensation.

Blue Man Group has permanent theatrical productions in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando and Berlin, but the Blue Man theater at the Charles Playhouse in Boston boasts an atmosphere unlike any other with its horseshoe configuration. Considered a small theater, seating 505, this intimacy lends itself well to the human connection theme, Beal said.

“No matter where you are in the theater, you can always see someone else’s facial reactions,” Beal said. “It brings a sense of community, making for a cool experience you don’t get in New York or L.A.”

The playhouse is in Boston’s theater district, with restaurants, lodging and public transportation within walking distance. The district has a designated, motorcoach drop-off and pick-up area.

Blue Man Group welcomes groups of eight or more and offers additional experiences, such as private meet-and-greets with a blue man and Q&A sessions that can be customized for groups’ interests, Beal said. The Q&A assemblies can include a blue man and members of the stage crew, band, wardrobe team, lighting and sound crews, and even company management.

Performed with no spoken words, Blue Man Group is raved as a “sensory explosion” and a “performance art, comedy, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one.”

For more information, call 617-542-6700, email bostongroups@blueman.com or visit blueman.com/boston.

Article by Danielle Russell

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