Set between a forested Pacific ridge and sparkling San Francisco Bay, Berkeley is a spirited city that will surprise groups who still see it as the counter-culture center of the ’60s. Free speech and flower power are forever in the city’s “DNA,” but Berkeley has grown into a celebrated place to drink and dine, experience performing arts, and tour an authentic, cool college town.

Berkeley is home to one of the greatest public universities in the world, the renowned University of California, Berkeley. Beyond its academic credentials, UC Berkeley offers a park-like setting in the heart of the city perfect for exploring, and with a storied history, continues to evolve and inspire visitors from around the world.  

Located just 10 miles from San Francisco and adjacent to Oakland, Berkeley is accessible by car, bus, ferry and BART. The BART system connects travelers using Oakland International or San Francisco International airports with one-ticket rail transfers into the city.

Berkeley is a great walking town, with 2,000-acre Tilden Park and the UC Berkeley campus as twin hubs for setting forth. An abundance of city parks, diverse architecture and vibrant neighborhoods infuse the city with character. Trendy shopping areas are easy to navigate.       

The outsized influence of Berkeley’s culinary scene continues to thrill and inspire all who taste it. Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse Restaurant is considered the cradle of California cuisine, the staples of which — local, sustainable and organic ingredients — sparked a revolution in the food world.

Berkeley is full of beauty in many forms, topped by awe-inspiring views of the San Francisco Bay from the Berkeley hills. The vibrancy of the people is what makes the city so unique. Artists, academics, activists, scientists — powered by its people, Berkeley is always worth the trip.

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