Drive just off of Highway 119 in Montevallo, Alabama, and nearly 250 years back in time to the American Village. Celebrate our country, its core values of liberty and freedom, and its founding story.

Every year, the American Village brings history to life for more than 75,000 people across Alabama and neighboring states. With special attention on historical accuracy and authenticity, costumed historical interpreters engage visitors in some of the most poignant moments of America’s past.

Visitors are given the chance to “step into the scene” to witness Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech, drill in Washington’s army and become a Patriot spy interrogated by a British soldier.

Every part of the American Village is symbolic, from its historical reenactments to the design of the buildings. Each of which is inspired by a significant structure in American history.

The American Village is not just a tribute to our colonial past and Founding Fathers; it brings the story to the present with the National Veterans Shrine and Register of Honor, which honors those men and women in each generation who, through their service in the United States Armed Forces, have preserved our liberty. It recognizes the sacrifices of those who have served through paintings, sculptures, wall graphics and interactive audio/video content.

In addition, the Register of Honor offers visitors the chance to produce a personalized salute to a veteran by entering information into the Register of Honor database at

American Village is not just a tool to educate visitors about the country’s heritage; it also is a tribute to what makes America special.

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